The Area - Information about Chania

Although the villas are located in such natural environment, we are only 7 km from the city of Chania.

Western Crete

As the largest Greek island, Crete has a tremendous variety of sites and environments. Western Crete is gifted with the White Mountain range at its core. The winter snow of these mountains blesses western Crete\92s with water supply not found in many similar biomes in the Mediterranean. The lushness of Western Crete\92s landscape and food variety stems from the White Mountain snow melt. Spring visitors will see snowcapped peaks as they are on the beach. Behind Old Fountain Villas there is a large lake (Lake Agia) with bird watching which all benefit from the ample water supply.

Food/Grocery Shopping

Locally there a wide array of food retail outlets. Along the main road that rings through Agia Marina, Stalos and Galatas there are innumerable mini-markets which carry everyday staples. Additionally there are several large super markets along the same route called INKA. If you would like to be a bit more traditional, there is a large farmers market central Chania century’s old Greek tradition of the open market Agora. Off the main roads you will find musk melon stands, honey vendors and many other local delicacies.

Family Fun

Western Crete is the ultimate getaway for families of all ages. Along the Galatas-Platanias corridor there are various children’s amusement parks, mini-golf centers and ice cream stores too many too number.

In addition there is a fantastic water park called ‘Limnoupolis’ minutes away from Old Fountain Villas.

Lastly all evening dining areas gladly accommodate family and children. Many restaurants will have kids menu and adjoining play areas to ensure your evening is a joyful event.