Local Beaches – 5-10 Minutes Away

The local beaches are located less than 2 kilometers away in Galatas, Agia Marina and Platanias. All local beaches are open to the public and offer the following amenities:

  • RentalChairs – Umbrellas
  • Beachside Food/Drink
  • Parking
  • Showers
  • Water sports Equipment Rental

Find your favorite local beach and make a stay.

Day Trip Beaches

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These are the most distinct beaches in all of Crete and are within comfortable driving distance from Old Fountain Villas. They are located in more remote areas of Crete and offer breathtaking beaches that would rival the worlds best.

Cretan Culture

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There are a myriad of areas to travel in western Crete to absorb local and ancient Cretan culture. Our best advice is to purchase up a tourist guide, and visit that which most interests you. But here are some of our favorites

Chania is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in all of Greece. The old port draws heavily from Venetian influences from its days as a trading post during the Renaissance. The old city has charming roads and al fresco dining which add to its romantic spirit. Weather you want to spend the day visiting museums and shopping, or the night sitting at a café on the port watching the lights shimmer on the harbour, you will fall in love with Chania.

History of Crete

Archaeological Sites

Crete is the place where myths look like history and history is like a myth. From the distant past to the present day, every place on the island has a short or long story to tell.